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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Photographs from a recent night I spent outside at the Hurst

I first met Paul in 1997 at Highworth Protest camp in Wiltshire. He was living on site in a bender having cycled down from Hull with his friend Theo. His commitment to Highworth strategic housing protest was staunch and he had clocked up the most days of living on site out of every activist there. Whilst there he actively helped setting up walkways and digging tunnels; he was always eager to vocalise his opposition to anything he regarded as unjust…. Read More

Shadowy Bilderberg annual gathering, can you name these participants?

Life on the streets of London in 2010

Two hundred miles later I land in Battersea park, Awesome peace pagoda but tired out.

Red square stalkers from the month of April 2016

Sunset whilst roaming rock pools of Saint Leonards beach.

Found this nine year old newspaper article of my time in India

Ramble around circular footpath of Cheddar gorge