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Monthly Archives: August 2016

My contribution to Nomig / Coldcut’s Revolution USA project. Jammed takes in a nutshell on 9/11 and the war on terror reduxed to Coldcuts ‘Guility Party’ track. Featuring David Rockefeller, PNAC crazies, Bush family, Skull and Bones… and many more….

Then transport minister news night interview edited (not by myself) for road alert! website to humorously revel his true planned intent for British society.

Activists halt Stancliffe Stones (Marshalls) plan to reopen a disused quarry on Stanton moor; stone extraction of the hillside would have come within forty feet of the nine ladies stone circle. Since the making of this film the nine ladies protest has been won.

Veteran direct activists from prominent anti-road protest campaigns of the early nineties occupy the reception of the Department of Transport, London to read their statement “bicycle d-lock pledge” in opposition to the governments relaunched road building programmes.

Road protesters occupied a section of the Birmingham Northern Relief road halting construction for an entire day. During this ‘we are not going away’ occupation a crane was scaled and ground working diggers were blocked for hours until construction workers gave up and returned home. At the end of the day everybody left the site safely with only two activists being taken into police custody.

Since the 12th of June 2002 Bilston Glen has been occupied & fortified by an ever expanding group of environmental activists. Bilston Glen is a SSSI and faces having a bypass ripped through it. The cost of the road is being funded by multinationals Sainsburys, Ikea, Costco, Kwiksave and vivisection gm giants PPL therapeutics.    

Direct Action activists set up a protest camp in defiance of Belway homes plan to fell a huge ancient beech tree to make way from a Strategic housing development in Sherwood, Nottinghamshire.