In two thousand and seven I was realised as a returning incarnation of a Hindu child goddess at Bahucharaji mata mandir,  Becharaji in Indian state of Northern Gujarat. Here I aligned (repaired) the crown chakras of hundreds of thousands of Hindu shakthi devotees….

One hundred thousand devotees would visit the Shakthi peeth every full moon (Poonam); many of these would come to see me; in the twelve months I was there it was estimated by shakthi priests that a few hundred thousand Hindus had consecutively received blessing from me.


Very happy child devotees at Becharaji and of course, I was equally as happy to see them!

Low currency notes piled up so I met with priests to decide where the money should go. Monsoon was quickly approaching so we agreed to put roofs on a local school and a place (ram roti) which provided shelter and warm food to devotees that the temple trust restaurant refused to feed. Money was also donated to the Sri Bahucharaji mata temple trust which also included proceeds from the auctioning of my silk sarees.


All dressed up with no place to go; tortured at sector 14, Gandhinagar.

I passed the temple test in India but there are many Shakti piths in India, I found the Bala Tripura yantra but I turned away from reading to it which spelt the end of my stay at temple. Subsequently I was taken to sector 14 in Gandhinagar and tortured out of my mind in a place where people went sent to who were presumed to be to close to ‘god’.


Two lovely priests accompanying me to Mount Abu.

However my journey didn’t finish there, I then journeyed to other Shakti piths where I lit up idols up at every temple I visited including major Shakti piths of Ambaji, Chotilla and Pavagadh (Kali).


Me and my lovely Jayshree 🙂

I would also be invited to houses; Hindu devotees would make me a delicious Indian meal then put me to bed to sleep. Whilst asleep I would discharge energy which would fill the entire house. On waking they sat me down in front of a tray sweets.

Women would que to feed me them, eating them would release yet more energy; their eyes would light up and they would say ‘jai mataji’ (the goddess is here).