Article writing is profane and disrespectful but atleast the Sun published good pictures of me but in contrary published them to be eventually thrown in the bin, not a very good practice in view of Hinduism.


They also had a special telephone hotline asking readers to come forward with information about me. An unwell, gaunt and ill mannered reporter ‘Pamela Timms’ came to the temple from Delhi, said she was an ‘independent journalist’, I agreed to talk to her only on two conditions…

  • The story wouldn’t be published in a tabloid newspaper
  • Money from the story would be given directly to the temple trust

As you can see this deceptive reporter sold the story straight to the Sun; three days later I recieved a phone call from my brother stating he and my schzoprenic mother were being harassed to hell by a frenzy of tabloid journalists. Pamela returned days later chancing yet another interview wishfuly believing that in the midst of the isolated Gujarati ‘jungle’ I would somehow be completely unaware of what had been circulating in the UK media. I denounced Pamela as deceptive and refused to give her another interview.

River drove, Glastonbury



Moi in Devon

Devils Dyke – Burning bush

Malvern hills

Wembury Beach