Black on White hate crime

Denver, CO – A White female teenager, Brandy DuvaI, is raped, sodomized, tortured with a broomstick and stabbed 28 times by a gang of six blacks and Hispanics. Her skull is caved in and corpse dumped into a ditch. Police confiscate a blood soaked mattress as evidence. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Killeen, TX – A White couple, Todd and Stacy Bagley are kidnapped on the way to church, lit on fire, burned to death and shot in the head by four blacks. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Flint, MI – Three White teenagers, Michael Carter, Dustin Kaiser and (girl’s name withheld by police) are attacked by six black youths. Carter is shot and killed. Kaiser is beaten and shot in the head, but recovers. The girl is forced to perform oral sex on her black attackers, pistol whipped and shot in the face. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

South Carolina – A White female, Melissa McLaughlin, is raped, tortured and skinned alive in a tub of bleach by seven blacks. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Racine, WI – A black gang member, Nazeer Ghani, fires into a crowd of White concert-goers while shouting racial epithets, killing father of two, Joe Rowan. Although identified by 30 witnesses, police release the killer for “lack of evidence.” This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Jacksonville, FL – A mentally retarded White man, Gregory Griffith, is beaten and stomped unconscious by blacks. The blacks admitted to the police that they beat Griffith because “he was White”. The group allegedly had planned to attack the first White man who walked down the street. A witness testified that he saw fists flying and a White man backing out of a crowd, swinging and ducking before falling to the ground and being kicked in the midriff and head. Griffith died 13 days later from blunt head trauma.

Kansas City, MO – A black male shoots two White co-workers, Michael Scott and Traci Riehle. Scott is killed and Riehle is critically injured. Police find a note referring to “blood sucker supreme White people”. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Alexandria, VA – An eight year old White child, Kevin Shifflet, is killed when his throat is slit by a black who also stabs his 80 year old great grandmother and punches her in the chest. Police find a rambling, handwritten note stating. “Kill them raceess whiate kidd’s anyway”. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Burlington, NC – A 10 year old White child, Tiffany Long, is raped, sodomized, sexually tortured and murdered by two black males and a black female. The black female rams a broomstick up her vagina and rectum. The parents were prohibited from seeing their dead daughter’s body. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Fayetteville, NC – Two white women, Tracy Lambert and Susan Moore, are carjacked by a group of seven blacks and Hispanics and shot execution style in the head. This murder was part of a gang initiation. The bullets found in the victims’ heads were painted blue, the Crips’ gang color. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Miami, FL – Seven Whites are murdered by the Yahweh Cult whose leader orders the members to cut off and return the ears of the victims as proof of the murders. The trial was conducted at the same time as the Rodney King trial! This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Cincinnati, OH – Bricks were thrown by black rioters through car windows at the heads of any White drivers unfortunate enough to be in the area. A White woman was dragged from her car and brutally beaten by a black mob. An albino African American woman suffered a similar fate until a voice called out, “she is black.” At which point the beating stopped. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Charleston, SC – Troy Knapp and his friend, Gary Thornburg were riding their bicycles when they happened onto a group of black men. This mob attacked the two White men, knocking Gary unconscious and beating Troy with various objects including pipes. A large portion of Knapp’s skull had to be removed to allow for swelling in his brain. A damaged portion of his brain had to be surgically removed. He is seriously and permanently injured, and will never recover from the injuries of this beating. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Wilkinsburg, PA – A black man, Ronald Taylor shot five Whites, killing three. A black acquaintance stated that Taylor had said, “I’m gonna kill all White people. Prior to the attack, he told a black woman that he wouldn’t hurt her because he was “out to get all White people.” This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Wichita, KS – Two black men broke in to a house and attacked five young Whites, all in their twenties, threatening them with guns. After driving their victims to an ATM and ordering them to withdraw money, the kidnappers took them to a deserted soccer field. There they raped the two White women in front of the men, including the fiancé of one of the young men. Finally they ordered the five White victims to kneel and shot them all execution style. Only one of the young women was not killed. She walked more than a mile, naked and bleeding through the snow until she found help. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Seattle, WA – Mardi Gras or “Fat Tuesday” celebrations in that city were disrupted when gangs of black men roamed the crowd of thousands attacking White men and women, killing one and injuring 72. They were heard yelling racial epithets during their attacks. Killed was Kris Kime, beaten to death with a 40 ounce beer bottle after coming to the aid of a White woman he didn’t know who was being attacked by the black mob. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Charlottesville, VA — Police arrested 9 black men for a series of vicious gang assaults against White students in that college town. Of the nine arrested, one was an adult and the rest juveniles, one  a local high school football “star.” Even though some of the blacks told cops that they intentionally chose their victims based on their race, authorities have declined to classify the attacks as “racially motivated.” This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Salina, KS – A White man, Michael Streeter, 21, was kidnapped by three black men while pumping gas into his SUV. After being driven to a remote location, Streeter had an ear and multiple fingers hacked off, an eye gouged out, then was repeatedly run over with his own SUV, breaking his ribs and puncturing his lungs. The vehicle was found abandoned and on fire a short distance from the attack. The same blacks are suspects in the car-jacking of Postal employee Kyle James, 43, eight days earlier, during which the blacks used racial slurs. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Annapolis, MD – Three black teen-agers were charged with armed robbery in the attack of a White woman, Tracy VanDagna, 22, which left her in need of plastic surgery. One of the alleged perpetrators, Tacarra Tyler, 17, was charged as an adult. VanDagna was walking to her car when a black man struck her in the face with a rock, knocking her to the ground, then grabbed her hair and pulled her head back while a boy ran up and repeatedly kicked her in the face. The victim suffered a broken nose and needed five stitches on her hand. Police said that even after VanDagna turned over her backpack, the teen-agers continued to attack her. One witness told investigators that the assailants said they “beat up Whites because they don’t like them.” This was investigated as a hate crime.

St. Lucie, FL – Three black males in a racially motivated attack  beat a White female high school student. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Delray Beach, FL – Crystal Monique Thomas, 19, and Crystal Antoinette Adams, 20, were charged with battery for yelling racial slurs at a White woman. Thomas was also charged with a hate crime for slapping the woman and calling her a “stupid White bitch.”

Tampa, FL – Two black youths, Telly S. Warren, 14, and James Taylor, 17, were charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon for throwing a deadly missile into a vehicle occupied by White passengers.

San Francisco, CA – Lavonne Adams, 42, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and felony assault for  kicking a White woman using a walker who fell, broke her hip and later died.


Seattle, WA – Police asked prosecutors to consider hate crimes charges against a black teen who is accused of beating up and robbing Whites during Mardi Gras. The perpetrator allegedly  told police he believed he was in the middle of a “racial war.”

San Bernardino, CA – Catzrina Tatum, a 25-year-old black woman, was charged with “suspicion of a hate crime” for assaulting a White woman because of the woman’s ethnicity.

Bowie, MD – Three black high school girls were charged with second-degree assault for attacking and verbally abusing a White male student. The three girls, one of whom was overheard saying she hated White people and that she and her friend would “pick on a different White person each day” — pushed the boy to the ground. The boy suffered a contusion to the head, a bloody nose and scrapes and bruises.

Geneva, IL – A 32-year-old black man was charged with aggravated assault after he  threatened to kill White police officers and their families.

Minneapolis, MN – During a blizzard a car full of black gang members becomes stuck in the snow behind that of a White family. When the family got out of the car to help, they were beaten with baseball bats, with their 10 year old son going into a coma. The media reported that police were looking for a “blue car full of men” without mentioning the race of the attackers. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Springfield, TN – Two black teenagers  murdered

a White man who had displayed a Confederate flag on his pickup truck. According to testimony, on Jan. 14, 1995, the two black teenagers were cruising the highway when they spotted Michael Westerman, 19, and his wife Hannah, 21. Angered by the flag, the teenagers rounded up two other cars and followed Mr. Westerman and his wife. Boxing Westerman’s vehicle in with one car, the black youths pulled along side and shot Mr. Westerman to death. The two teenagers were found guilty of murder and attempted aggravated kidnapping. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Fall River, IL – Four black men, Damien Gouse, 20, Terry Lewis, 17, William Wheeler, 22, and John Baker, 19, were charged with attempted murder for shooting a White teenager.-This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Edwardsville, IL – A black man, Taiwan Davis, 17, was convicted of first-degree murder for his participation in the mob-style beating death in August of a White man. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Alton, IL – A White male, Richard Skelton, is attacked and stomped to death by a group of 25 blacks while black onlookers yell, “Kill the cracker”. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Los Angeles, CA – Race riots erupt throughout the city resulting in 53 deaths, 10,000 arrests, 2,300 injuries, more than 1,000 buildings lost to fire, thousands of jobs lost and an estimated cost to the city of $1 billion in damages. The riots lasted several days, during which time, Reginald Denny, a White truck driver, was pulled from his truck by  Damian Monroe Williams and Henry Keith Watson, who began beating and kicking him unmercifully. When he was dazed and helpless, Watson pinned him down with a foot on his neck while Williams threw a brick at his head, disfiguring and nearly killing him. Then Williams did a little victory dance. Denny, a man his attackers didn’t even know, was hospitalized for 16 days for multiple physical injuries and brain trauma. He has had recurring physical problems since, including blood clots in his legs and lungs. Although police helicopters and cameras overhead captured the event on videotape, the two blacks were acquitted by a predominantly black jury. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

New Orleans, LA – A 28-year-old White man was attacked a few blocks from his home in Algiers Point on the day  of Marti Gras by approximately 12 black teen-agers. The victim was attacked as he was exiting his vehicle. When the victim’s wife went outside to find the source of all the noise, she witnessed her husband being dragged across the street as the teens kicked and beat him with a steel garbage can lid. The victim suffered a broken jaw and other serious facial injures that required reconstruction. Police are treating this as a hate crime, which still remains unsolved.

Cleveland, OH – A five year old White girl, Devon Duniver, was stabbed to death by a black teenager who said after the murder, “She got what she deserved.” This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Kansas City, MO – A six year old White child, Jake Robel, is dragged to death by a black carjacker who drove away even as the boy being dragged screamed outside of the car door while still partially attached to the seat belt. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Buffalo, NY – A White man, Gary Traska, is stomped to death by three blacks. Many of his organs were actually split apart from the savage beating. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Fayetteville, NC – A White male, Donald Lange, is stomped by ten black males. Lange is now brain dead and a complete vegetable. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Bloomington, IL – A White female, Patricia Stansfield is dragged two miles to her death during a carjacking by a black male. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Reno, NV – A Polynesian immigrant kills a White police officer, George Sullivan, with a hatchet. Sullivan is struck 20 times. The immigrant admits to killing Sullivan because “he was a White police officer”. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Boulder, CO – A White female college student, is gang-raped at gun-point by six Asians. Because of court proceedings and fear of retaliation by the “Asian Crips”, she is referred to as “Jane Doe”. The Asians admit to raping the girl “because she was blonde and White”. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, SD– A White man is dragged to his death by Indians. Federal officials hesitate to call it a “hate crime”. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Philadelphia, PA – 16 year-old White youth Eddie Polec was beaten to death on the front steps of his own church by a roving mob of blacks who had chased and assaulted him and other White kids. This crime drew worldwide headlines due to the fact that dozens of frantic calls for help to (black) 911 operators went unanswered. Eddie bled to death in his girlfriend’s arms. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Fairfax, VA – A group of about 11 people  attacked a White teen-age girl while yelling anti-American and anti-White slurs. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Annapolis, MD – A black teenager taunted a White woman and her daughter with a racial slur and punched them in the head.

Ft. Pierce, FL – A black teen was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with evidence of prejudice for  beating a White student in a racially motivated incident.

Barstow, FL – Tavares Wright, 20, and Brandan Gatlin, 21, who are black, were charged with attempted second-degree murder and aggravated battery by a jail detainee for beating a White fellow inmate. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Jacksonville, FL – Two black men, Terrance McCray, 19, and Ledel Lawrence, 21, were convicted of murder in the beating death of a White man.

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