A ‘real’ Alice in Wonderland I am isn’t it?

In short I’m an ascended princess deity trapped inside a painfully masculine distorted body; a constant discomfort which does often become unbearable but I get through it….


Offa’s Dyke footpath; Pandy to Hay Bluff 2015

You’ll find me walking mountains and hillsides when I’m in the UK, I see the land in shape and form as a reflection of our caste physicality, a place to balance and rest perspective….


Becharaji, Mehsana District, 2007

In Northern Gujarat 2007 I was realised as a returning transsexual Incarnation of Bahucharaji mata; (a child Hindu Shakti goddess). Whilst here I aligned the crown chakras of hundreds of thousands of Indians who I respected and loved very dearly…


Inflicted with trauma related illness I often walked fourteen hour / thirty mile days without rest until I badly injured my legs and feet…

Returning to the UK I was desolated by a sadistic and spiteful trinity cult who racially crucified me; desolating my existence into nothing whilst interjecting themselves through my broken linage into something.


I really love to dress in pretty clothes which uplift my spirits making me feel complete and wonderful. I dressed full time as a young girl for eight years; this is very much who I am.

Pictures of me